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Our Makers

Meet our makers the souls and minds behind each of our products

Neesha Amrish

Our  peace silk products are made in collaboration with Aeshaane by Neesha Amrish. Aeshaane founded by Neesha Amrish, is an Award winning, slow fashion outfit  working  with  rural craftsmen from local communities, creating  masterpieces using  ancient techniques of hand-printing. Its  signature geometrical patterns blurs the line between traditional and modern. Aeshaane was handpicked by the  Victoria & Albert Museum, London to represent  the ‘Fabric of India festival’ 2013 and has been retailing with them since.

Aeshaane has featured in   ‘British Museum’, U.K, ‘Textiel Museum’, The Netherlands, ‘Fondazione Ferrara Arte’, Italy.

 ”The social impact we have on communities whom we partner with, is as important as the products we make. Our purpose is simple but powerful, to provide fair pay, dignified and sustainable livelihood to artisans, helping them to achieve economic independence and create a  better live for themselves” – Neesha Amrish

making scarves

Deepak –  Hand screen printing

Deepak, an expert at Aeshaane,  hails from a remote town, Baishali in Bihar. He is multifaceted, doubles as hand-screen printer when he is not being the finishing in-charge (that involves steaming, washing, quality check and ironing). An extremely gentle and caring person, never shys away from hard work. Always the first to come up with new ideas and designs, he calls Aeshaane his home away from home.

Bachuchu –  Printer 

Bachchu joined a decade ago as a printer at Aeshaane..  He is a master artisan, who is a huge part of the  design work.  In fact, he was the one who inspired Aeshaane to go beyond the shores of India. Fun-loving, meticulous and loves experimenting with new designs and blocks ever so often, that it’s almost exhausting to match up to his creative stimulus.

Amit- Print designer 

All of 4 feet tall, when Amit first came to Aeshaane everyone wondered  if he would actually be able to stand and print across the width of the  block table. But his printing prowess left all spellbound. Thorough in the art and techniques of hand block printing, he could come up with the brightest of ideas, on how to use natural materials like paper or rope to create patterns.

Ali Bhai- Master Block printer 

Mohammad Ali,  an avid fan of Bollywood music. When he tells us that  Aeshaane workshop is his Mecca and kindness his religion, we know that we must’ve done something right. A master block printer who is the oldest amongst the lot, is slightly moody, but loves telling stories. A perfectionist at printing, his alignment is effortless, and he never fails to go that extra mile when it comes to his work.

Pankaj- Dyer  

Pankaj is our go to person for everything at Neesha’s workshop. If you happen to visit our workshop, you can hear everyone calling out for ‘Pankaj’ relentlessly. He is a hands on dyer, helps Masterji, the printers and makes fabulous Masala chai (Tea brewed with aromatic spices)! Even during lunch break, you can catch him drying out some base cotton fabric used for printing or running errands.

The Fabric   

Our Tussar silk is sourced from Bhagaiya, Jharkhand from Ravi and other cluster of small weavers. The Eri silk is from Assam, sourced from weaver clusters, the main supplier is Kaushik a third generation weaver and the  Little Flower Khadi & Village Industries Leprosy Rehabilitation Centre.