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Madhubani Silk Scarf Rang


Hand sketched  with natural dyes on a cream coloured silk base. The entire scarf is intricately sketched with the traditional figures of  a dancing girl and leaves in maroon and blue symbolizing joy and fun while being in harmony with nature. The scarf is bordered with tassels on two sides giving it a playful look.

It is lightweight and the silk is textured which gives it a body and can easily be shaped into any style to wrap around your neck or thrown across the shoulder.  The textured body allows for a perfect fall to wrap.

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An exclusive silk scarf, hand printed representing a centuries old art form. This is Madhubani or Mithila, a style of painting practiced in Mithila, Bihar a state in eastern India. Painting is done with twigs, brushes, nib & matchsticks. Madhubani meaning ‘Forest of Honey’ is an instinctive form of painting. No sketch is made before making the painting; hence it flows with the artist’s imagination.The outline is made with a fine metal nib and then filled with colour. This adds to the incredible exclusivity of each piece.

So only one artist works  on a scarf completing the entire painting on any  given piece.  Each artist has their own unique style of drawing hence a change of hand is not possible as the strokes need to be in harmony. Each piece is cut, stitched, and painted by hand, using natural dyes and pigments.

Madhubani paintings mainly includes natural elements like fish, birds, animals, turtle, sun, moon, bamboo trees and flowers. Different emotions like love, courage, devotion, fertility, and prosperity are often symbolized by geometric patterns, which is another important feature of this art form.

This classical art form dates back 2500 years to the time of Ramayana the ancient Hindu epic. This silk scarf hand printed in Madhubani  art is created by mother daughter, designer duo, Moushmi and Nupur. They work with artisans from rural communities in Bihar.

Material – 100% Natural Tussar Silk.

Length–  185 cms   Width– 80 cms

Wash and Care– hand wash with mild detergent in cold water. Do not leave it soaked in water. Iron on the reverse side.

When not in use keep it in the dust bag provided to protect your scarf from dust and dirt.

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