Handmade all-season scarves, kimonos, and wraps made with respect for people and planet. Exclusive accessories crafted by artisans, few pieces at a time. Designs and colours that help define your unique style.

Product of the Month 


stole unsaid red

This organic kala cotton stole is an all season product and can be easily styled as a wrap over a summer dress or as a stylish stole on a jacket or even a winter coat to keep the cold at bay. This handmade organic cotton stole is easy to maintain, and perfect for travel. Your comfortable pure Kala cotton wrap softens with use and is extremely durable allowing you to use the product for a longtime. This luxurious organic cotton stole is as much style as impact.

red organic cotton
scarves handmade

How we protect the quality of our Silk?

As a transparent business  it is important to explain exactly how we protect the quality of our silk and the certification we do. Silk for centuries has been considered one of the world’s most luxurious fabric and has long remained the textile of choice for the rich and affluent. Today silk has become more affordable and accessible. Unfortunately, consumers can be an easy target for counterfeiters.

Gift of a Tree

We work in partnership with Tree Nation aiming to bring a technological solution to the problem of Deforestation, responsible for about 17% of all Climate Change emissions. Each order you place a tree is planted in your name.

Tree planting allows us to restore and preserve the biodiversity and help avoid mass extinction of both humans and all other forms of terrestrial lives from their natural habitat.

Every positive step counts no matter how small a step you take!

planting a tree