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We are an online-only company, we recognize the environmental impact of shipping our products. The surge in online shopping is straining our planet, so we committed to making a meaningful difference. By engaging our customers in this mission, we aim to turn our actions into a force for positive change.

Our Initiative with Tree Nation

The fashion industry is notorious for its environmental impact. As a key player in this field, we recognize our responsibility to make choices that positively affect our planet, both now and for future generations. To honor this commitment, we have partnered with the social enterprise, Tree Nation  Through our “Gift a Tree” model, for every product you purchase, we plant a tree.

As an online-only company, we are aware that shipping products isn’t environmentally friendly. The societal shift towards online shopping has its drawbacks, so we decided to make a positive contribution and involve our customers in the process. That’s why we plant a tree for every product sold. Actually, you plant your own tree in our Urban Medley forest, without even getting your hands dirty. By partnering with Tree Nation, we support their forestry efforts and aim to offset our CO2 emissions. Our forest will grow as we do.

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Why Trees?

At Urban Medley, we feel a deep urgency to protect what we still have. We are grateful for this planet that provides us with the natural materials needed to create our accessories. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint and safeguard these precious resources.

Why trees? Trees offer countless benefits to current and future generations. They reduce carbon, restore forests and wildlife habitats, cool the planet, conserve water, and purify the air. Additionally, tree planting benefits farming communities by regulating the climate and improving soil quality. It also generates employment and empowerment for village communities.

Trees for Tribal India

We support Tree Nation’s “Trees for Tribals” project. The Adivasi Bhatra tribe relies on forests for food security and livelihood through the collection of forest produce. This project involves planting hundreds of thousands of native trees in five villages, aiming to restore forests, enhance ecosystem services, and boost the rural economy. The main objectives are:

  • Securing employment for rural communities and encouraging grassroots natural resource management.
  • Restoring deforested and degraded land with ecologically valuable native species to enhance biodiversity.
  • Promoting sustainable and equitable land use methods.
  • Encouraging local participation in sustainable development and natural resource management.

We believe in the power of each individual to drive change.

For every purchase, you will receive an e-certificate with a code that links to a location marker showing where your tree was planted. After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email with your purchase receipt and another email titled “Urban Medley offered you a tree on Tree-Nation.” For every item purchased from our store, we will plant one tree.

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