sustainable impacts

Our Mission-

To empower artisans and represent traditional art forms that are sustainable. We bring to the conscious consumers a unique range of lifestyle products that they can be proud to carry. Urban Medley is a transparent and sustainable business and we list below the ethical and social impacts we support. When you shop with us you are a part of this mission and play a crucial role in helping communities to develop and reduce the footprints we leave behind for a healthier Planet Earth.

Artisan Empowerment

We work with designers committed to the cause of sustainability and ethical production. Our designers work with communities of artisans thus helping them to be economically independent while developing and promoting their ancient arts. When you buy our products, you are helping communities to live with dignity, educate their children and lead a healthier life. Our products are handmade, its slow production with respect to the environment. You buy a unique piece not a mass-produced item.

Organic and Sustainable Material

All our products are made of sustainable and organic material like peace silk, organic cotton and vegan leather. The production of the material is cruelty free, uses minimum water and no pesticides. Dyes where applicable are natural and eco -friendly. Pollution is kept to minimum and most are minimal to zero pollution production, There is almost no polluting of local waterbodies or adding of toxicity to soil.

Ethical Standards

We are mindful of the conditions under which our products are manufactured. All our suppliers conform to the values we stand for; fair pay, family support as and when required, stipulated working hours, mandatory paid leave and safe comfortable working conditions.

Eco friendly packaging

Our dust bags for your scarves and capes are made by Noyyal Go Green, a NGO working with women from villages of Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India. The bags are made of organic cotton with buttons made from discarded coconut shells. The shipping boxes and wrapping papers we use are of recycled material. We minimize use of plastic as much as possible.

Reforestation- Plant a tree

Even though we stand committed to sell products friendly to our planet Earth we know we can’t be 100% sustainable. As an online business we are shipping goods constantly an action which is not the friendliest to nature. To offset these and other similar activities we plant a tree for every order placed. We are working with Tree Nation, slowly and steadily building our own forest for the tribal in India. So when you shop at Urban Medley you know that you have made a positive impact. A tree is planted.

Tree Nation made it even possible to compensate 100% our website’s CO2 emissions. So as you browse the site a tree is planted to offset the CO2 emissions

Visit our forest 

We are  FUR free, its a commitment we take very seriously;fur free