Handmade all-season scarves, kimonos, and wraps made with respect for people and planet. Exclusive accessories crafted by artisans, few pieces at a time. Designs and colours that help define your unique style.

Product of the Month 


Peace Silk Scarf medley

This scarf carries our brand name as it reflects exactly what we stand for-   an exclusive peace silk  scarf in black, rich beige and red. An exquisite medley of simple geometric patterns. It is this minimalistic design components that makes it truly unique. It is an elegant accessory which can complement a wide range of outfits and colours.  Crafted in handwoven pure Tussar silk this scarf is luxurious and elegant.

This high quality hand woven Tussar silk  makes it easy to drape, has a lovely fall, allowing it to style the scarf as you desire.  Appropriate for use all year round.

Our scarves are  always made in small lots – keeping them exclusive !

silk scarf in beige and black
quality of our silk

Our silk promise

We’re committed to preserving our silk quality. A symbol of opulence, silk today is within reach of many but remains vulnerable to counterfeiters. With our transparent authentication process, we ensure it’s purity remains untouched.

Gift a Tree

We partner with Tree Nation to address Deforestation. With each purchase, a tree is planted on your behalf. This initiative helps restore biodiversity and prevent extinction of terrestrial life. A small step towards a positive impact.

gift of a tree