Golden Light


Simplicity meets style- meet our  wrap  Golden Light – conceived in Amsterdam,  designed in Germany and handwoven in Bandipora district of Kashmir.

100% certified  Merino wool,

Fine woven, soft and lightweight.

The mix of bright and pastel shades on a single canvas gives the wrap an exclusive look and easily makes it one of a kind.

Product care

Gently hand wash (only if needed) using a mild detergent or shampoo and lukewarm water. Lay flat to dry and store folded in the dust bag that is provided.

You can use the bag as a shopper when you’re wearing the wrap. The wrap is dry clean friendly too.

Wrap it around or hang it over your shoulders to show off the color blocks.

These wraps qualify as  unisex and are big enough for all sizes.

They are made in traditional wooden looms using the highest quality wool.

Handwoven and hand dyed with Azo free dyes.

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This wool wrap has been created in partnership with Rangsutra , a community of over two thousand artisans spread across India, with a mission  to create sustainable livelihoods for all. 80% of their shareholders are rural women. Our wraps are made by Rangsutra’s, Bandipora Producer unit, which is a cluster set in Kashmir India to support and  promote  local handloom wool weaving. The region is home to sheep rearing, and rich wool weaving skills. It is famous for tweed and Kaani weaves.

We are working with artisans to promote local resources and skills, provide work and help upskill the indigenous workforce.

Staying true to our core values, our new collection is all about offering you lasting, eco-friendly pieces made with love and dignity.  We’re proud to make a difference by providing employment to women and fair pay in remote villages. We’re passionate about supporting skilled artisans worldwide, each with their own remarkable story to share. Plus, we believe in producing only in small batches to ensure quality and exclusivity.

Size- length 200 cms  width- 66 cms


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