Tussar Silk Scarf Isa


Discover the beauty of simplicity with our silk scarf Isa. This luxurious scarf is  a stunning combination of golden beige and classic black, creating a timeless and minimalistic design.

The eye-catching zigzag pattern in black on a golden base , accented with a rich black border, draws inspiration from the world of geometric shapes. Crafted in  Tussar silk, this scarf effortlessly complements a wide range of outfits, making it a versatile addition to your collection.
Our contemporary design adds a touch of fun and excitement to your look while maintaining a subtle and classy charm. From day to night, this scarf seamlessly transitions to suit any occasion, making it a valuable asset for your wardrobe.
This can definitely be a priceless addition that pairs beautifully with many outfits.

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Isa is a minimalistic design. A play of two colours the rich golden beige and black.   This  Tussar  silk scarf  can be worn across seasons. It is a timeless scarf which can easily mix and match with a range of colours

Each organic silk scarf is handcrafted. The yarn is woven without harming the silk worms- hence we fondly call it the peace or Ahimsa Silk. Once the weaver has spun the fabric the printers start block printing each piece. Though we carefully inspect every piece, there can be minor imperfections which sets it apart from a machine-made scarf. In some ways the human imperfections connect you to the designers and weavers located in a village in remote India. You can help our artisans by being a proud owner of one of our women’s scarves. The scarves are designed at  Aeshaane.


Product Care

With a little love and care your handmade silk scarf will last you for years. We always encourage re-using, sharing, and repairing your products.

Dry cleaning is the safest option.

Gentle steam or steam free iron on the reverse side, to smooth any wrinkle.

Store in the dust bag provided when not in use.

Do not wrap in plastic as silk needs to breathe.

Avoid spraying perfume or any aerosol (hair spray/ deodorant) on the scarf directly.

Length 200cms
Width 68 cms
Weight apprx 80 grams.

Additional information

Weight0.08 kg
Dimensions200 × 56 cm


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